Black Armore Drone

The worlds most advanced Aerial Cinematic Filming Drone.  Up to 11Kg Payload for Red, Arri, Sony, GV cameras and film/broadcast lens control and HD transmission or monitoring




Amazing tracking shots from our RTV, Drone and SteadiSeg gyro stabilised tracking vehicles.

Track anywhere, on the ground or in the air



Our film and tv cameramen can get the very best out of all the amazing equipment we provide.  If you want a stabilised shot in the air, on the ground or remotely, we have the experience to get amazing and unique shots every time.



Letus Helix is the worlds most advanced 4 Axis hand held gyro stabilised camera support.  We can provide equipment or crew for your next production, including the amazing Helix, Steadicam arm/vests and ExoSkeletons for supporting any gimbal


Props & FX

Our sister company BloodyStuff provide the most revolutionary props and effects, from PFC firing guns and totally safe air squib systems, to soft props and breakaway effects including glass, concrete and furniture breakaways.


Video Production Service

TX-2 Broadcast Ltd can provide complete video productions, including live music, DVD's, promos, documentaries, commercials & training.


Our productions services team calls on the talent of some of the UK's most experienced Directors, Producers, DoP's, Lighting Cameramen, Jib Operators, Motion Control Operators, Editors, Designers and CGI specialists.   With this team, we can offer truly one of a kind productions.

Consultancy & Sales Agency

Keith Harding owner and founder of TX-2 Broadcast Ltd has over 25 years of experience as a Broadcast TV Consulatant for equipment manufactures and Camera Equipment.  He has built a reputation for providing some of the most successful broadcast Programmers, Designers, Camera Robotics Operators, Broadcast Transmission sales & marketing professionals, who can provide the most effective, high-end solutions, branding and automation for TV transmission, Video Production and Robotic Camera Automation. 

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