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Aerial Filming Solutions

Black Armored Drone

The worlds most advanced Aerial Cinematic Filming Drone.  Up to 11Kg Payload for Red, Arri, Sony, GV cameras and film/broadcast lens control, HD transmission &  monitoring.

As used on major film and television productions



Tracking Vehicles

BeyondHD provide the most innovative equipment for Stabilised tracking shots including

RTV (Remote Tracking Vehicle), Black Armored Drone, SteadiSeg, Hand Held camera stabilisation, support and grip equipment.


TX-2 Broadcast Ltd

TX-2 Broadcast Ltd offer a wide range of products and services to the film and tv industry.

To help you find the products or services that you need, we have created separate micro-sites for the major products and services that we offer.   Click on the microsite you require to take a closer look at what we do


Stabilised Gimbal Solutions

The worlds most advanced 3 and 5 Axis gyro stabilised camera supports are available from BeyondHD.  We can provide equipment or crew for your next production, 

Film Props & Effects

BloodyStuff provide the most revolutionary props and effects, including PFC firing gun,  revolutionary air squib systems, Soft Stunt props, Breakaway glass, concrete & furniture. Prosthetics & Pyrotechics and much more.

Many products & services available for both hire and purchase.

PINEWOOD Studios, England

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